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My Journey to Makeup Artistry

A dancer Become Makeup Artist

As a dancer from a young age, recitals and performances exposed me to makeup early on. I’ve had an interest in makeup for most of my life, admiring how it enhances the natural and inherent beauty in women. I like to say I paint people’s faces for a living, and think of a person’s face as a canvas, to be transformed into a unique piece of art. And so Canvas Untouched came to be; my clients are untouched canvases, and together we make art.

My passion led me to study at Artist Makeup Academy where I honed my skills and built strong habits. I’ve been a certified makeup artist since 2017, working weddings, parties, and photoshoots. I love my art, my craft, and I make sure my passion seeps into the quality of my work.

Rebecca Shortis

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